Our Fees



The following is an explanation of our financial guidelines. We believe that a clear understanding of our procedures will allow patients to concentrate on the most important issue: regaining and maintaining a state of wellness. We are happy to answer any questions regarding our procedures and/or insurance coverage.


Dr. Jennifer Girth will speak to those individuals that are interested in finding out about our services and how they address individual health issues and concerns. There is no charge for a consultation.


We feel the health and wellness needs of those we serve are paramount and we strive to provide quality care for fair and reasonable prices. Dr. Jennifer Girth communicates with you every step of the way.

All patient services are to be paid in full as services are provided. If insurance is billed for reimbursement, co-payments and deductibles are expected to be paid at time services are rendered.

Upon determination of services needed, based on the findings from the initial exam, Dr. Girth and the patient will discuss cost and payment options.

If for some reason, an account should accrue a balance, we reserve the right to charge a service fee to accounts in arrears.


Most insurance policies cover chiropractic care. For our patients' convenience, we are more than happy to file insurance claims for chiropractic services and will do everything we can to assure proper reimbursement.

Upon determination of coverage of these services from your insurance company, we will file for reimbursement. Upon reimbursement, accounts will be credited accordingly. However, we cannot take responsibility for services that are received, but not covered, by your individual insurance policy. Costs associated with patient care are expected to be paid as incurred.


  • Call your insurance company to determine your coverage
  • Obtain any insurance forms, if necessary, from your agent
  • Know the portion of payment that is your responsibility to pay
  • If your policy has a deductible feature, payment of the service is due at the time services are rendered
  • Authorize our center to furnish information directly to your insurance company to expedite handling and payment of claims


  • Make every effort to file claims correctly and timely for proper reimbursement
  • Educate our patients about the benefits of wellness and chiropractic care
  • Keep communication open and maintain positive attitudes

Weekly and monthly payments can be arranged in some instances.



Appointment times are reserved specifically for patient's preferred times. We ask that we be notified at least 24 hours in advance when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. We reserve the right to charge the usual fee for missed appointments. This courtesy allows us to maintain a high level of care for other patients as well. If for some reason, you have to miss an appointment, we ask that you make your missed appointment up that same week for faster recovery and healing.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us serve everyone as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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